Paradiso is a narrative-driven podcast production studio specializing in content across three main genres: fiction, documentary and kids. We strongly believe in the power of audio to tell stories. There are no limitations to what we choose to tell in terms of topic, scope, narrative or format.

The audio medium, both age-old and in the midst of complete reinvention, allows us to great freedom to experiment with new and creative forms of storytelling. Our ambition is to tell stories with global appeal and adaptation potential into other formats such as broadcast, stage, reality shows, books and more.


Our studio’s name is a nod to the iconic film "Cinema Paradiso" as we believe that audio content is poised to capture the imagination and grow in influence and popularity as film and later TV series have done.

As the 2020s usher in a golden age of audio, we hope our stories will span the globe, spark the imagination, impact the intellect, and inspire idealism.


Podcasts’ ubiquity and accessibility have given rise to a new way to be entertained. We love to take a break from our screens and our hectic routines, yet remain engaged with the world. Much like reading, listening to audio stimulates the imagination as we create our own images for the content we hear. The intimate connection between the listener and the speaker unlocks many subtleties and possibilities for experimenting with format, which in turn invites limitless creative opportunities.


Our story choices are grounded in our values: respect for knowledge, a critical mindset, tolerance, equality, diversity, and creativity. We look for stories that excite our emotions, whether of joy, celebration, or indignation. We look at our fellow humans’ obsessions, seek to reveal hidden truths, question where the world is going, celebrate strokes of genius.
We also choose stories that are innovative in their the current landscape, message or format-wise.

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